Two Degrees from Harold Pinter

Written by TheFaulkner on July 19, 2015 – 1:24 pm -

I’m appearing in King’s Road Park in the City of West Hollywood’s Free Theater in the Park series through the second week of August in Tony-Winner Tony Tanner’s adaptation (and under his direction) of Moliére’s “The Misanthrope” or “The Man-Hater.” It’s a delightful cast, and since Tony-Winner Tony (my new tongue twister) appeared opposite Harold Pinter in the West End, I’m now officially two degrees away from that master playwright.

In other news, my episode of East Los High is now up on Hulu, and the new season is trending on Social Media. I play a drunken idiot businessman who offends one of the leads. When I was on set, I mentioned that I’ve played belligerent white guys in all kinds of media, and one of the crew members said to me, “All the white people on this show are either belligerent or cops.” I assume some hit both categories, or they wouldn’t be true-to-life.

What’s next? The feature film “The Golden Age” is looking for a festival release this Fall. It has been a labor of love for my friend Justin Connor to complete this film. It truly is an epic indie, covering rock & roll, spirituality, fame, and more that I don’t want to reveal. Check it out. And listen to some of the original music. I was very happy to be involved in this project.


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