Oh, Sheesh, what did I miss?

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I have a hard time keeping up with posting here, I admit it. I am beginning to despise Facebook, so maybe I will just transition here, where I at least have the illusion of control over what is revealed. At any rate, what happened in the last year?

I was in an amazing production of Hamlet at Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival in Thousand Oaks, and had a blast in The Tempest too.

I played Berowne (another dream role) in Love’s Labours Lost at Coeurage Theatre Company.

I toured with the Reduced Shakespeare Company. This year I am learning their brand new show, “The Complete History of Comedy (abridged).” I saw it at the Cincinnati Playhouse over December and it is brilliant. I’ll also be at the Laguna Playhouse in March in All The Great Books (abridged).

I booked a commercial for Rent A Center where I was naked (see pic)

I was elected a delegate and attended the very first SAG-AFTRA convention.

I booked a spot for datacenterrapbattle.com.

I enjoyed entertaining crowds at The Griffith Observatory, where I moonlight as a museum guide.

And up next? The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley in Rancho Cucamonga.

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New Song Demo!

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As I mentioned in this Reduced Shakespeare Company podcast, one of the great highlights of performing The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) over the holidays was the fact that it required me to get better at the guitar. I took my guitar to a really great luthier in the San Fernando Valley who set up my guitar (which hadn’t seen a qualified luthier’s hands since at least 1994) really nicely. It in fact played like an entirely new guitar, and is now an absolute pleasure to pick up and mess around on.

This gave me the inspiration to finish and record a song that I had partially written for my wife. Now I couldn’t move my entire recording rig down to San Diego for the run of the show, but I did have my guitar and my Macbook Pro. So the attached demo is what I was able to do with Garageband, the guitar, and the built-in microphone. It’ll have to do for now, but I really enjoyed making and enjoy listening to this tasty pop nugget. I hope you do as well. Leave a comment and let me know!

Click to listen:
Mandy, My Bride To Be

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You’ve seen it by now…

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I’ve got a new commercial running. In fact it’s been running, but I finally added it to my commercials page.

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Happy Merry Chrismakwannukahanzakah!

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Had an absolutely stunning time at San Diego Rep over the holidays, performing the brand spanking new Reduced Shakespeare Company show, “The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged).” Here’s a review. Here’s another one. Here’s a whole mess of quotes from a whole mess of reviews from performances all across the country. Stay tuned for more possible Reduced Shakespeare Company updates.

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The Shakespeare Clowning Continues…

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Shakespeare's Twelfth NightIn the last 18 months, I’ve played Elbow (Measure for Measure), Hortensio (Taming of the Shrew), Launcelot Gobbo (Merchant of Venice) and am currently appearing as Malvolio in perhaps my favorite Shakespeare comedy of all-time, “Twelfth Night.” I get to do this under the stars on top of a mountain overlooking the San Gabriel valley, in a Greek amphitheater on the grounds of a Catholic Girls’ School. And I’m being paid Equity wages. It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. I know there are plenty of Hollywood types that don’t think Shakespeare applies to our little industry, but when you are killing them with laughter, it doesn’t matter if the words are 400 years old. Here’s a review:

There’s also an oddball gentleman named Malvolio (Michael Faulkner) who inspires laughs aplenty, particularly when tricked by the aforementioned trio into wearing “yellow stockings and purple cross-garters” (or their semi-contemporary equivalent)… there’s Faulkner’s brilliant comic work as Malvolio, whether practicing what appears to be the gent’s first smile ever, or romping about in skin-tight yellow-and-black checked pants, or doing frequent face-first pratfalls into the sand. – Stage Scene LA

The La Cañada Flintridge Shakespeare Festival is in its third season and is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s an all-professional (all-union) cast that is a joy to work with. Half-price tickets are available here.

Yeah, that’s me in the pic. OH YEAH.

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Working my way through Shakespeare’s Clowns…

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Shakespeare's "Launcelot Gobbo."So my turn as “Elbow” in MEASURE FOR MEASURE at A Noise Within (Pasadena) last fall has really started a trend. This summer I’ve had the joy and pleasure of working with the fine folks at the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival in Thousand Oaks in two classic plays: “The Taming of the Shrew” and “The Merchant of Venice.”

Amazingly enough, Kate’s final monologue in “Shrew” only got the feminist hiss once, at which point Kate stared down the offender and delivered the rest of the monologue straight to…. erm… at her. This is why i love live theater. I played Hortensio in Shrew, and am playing Launcelot Gobbo in Merchant, where I’m injecting my own brand of modern sensibilities. In order to make Gobbo’s soliloquy about the argument between the devil and his conscience work, I’m actually pulling unsuspecting audience members out of the audience, on stage with me, to make them A) be the devil and my conscience and B) SAY SHAKESPEARE’S WORDS! It’s a blast, and people are falling out of their camping chairs every night. Did I mention the stage is in a lovely park with creek running through it and frogs chirping all night long?

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So I was cast as the Male understudy at the Geffen Playhouse for the production in their smaller theater, “IN MOTHER WORDS.” The best part? I get to go to a cast party at Jane Kaczmarek’s house!

Hey, an acting job is an acting job… this is my third straight AEA contract in 6 months.

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The Gingerbread Man is open and is causing 1,000 K-12 children a day to scream their heads off. It’s a rollicking good time. Who knew there was a highly professional, full-Actor’s-Equity, children’s theater company in Rancho Cucamonga? Who knew Rancho Cucamonga was even a real town, not something Jack Benny made up?

Read all about it here.

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Commercial Clips

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I’ve devoted an entire page to some commercial clips. Click here if you’d like to see them.

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A Noise Without…

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The very latest? I’m appearing as the classic Shakespearean clown “Elbow” in Measure for Measure at A Noise Within (Southern California’s premier classical theater company now in their 19th season). This is A Noise Within’s final season in their current space, an old Masonic lodge in Glendale. Next season they’ll be breaking champagne bottles on the helm of their new, larger theater in Pasadena. It’s a big step up for a great company.

Post production on the film “The Last Hymn,” which I shot in 2009, is nearing completion. There may be more film news to come.

And if you haven’t noticed, the website is undergoing a drastic design change. Thanks for your patience as things get shuffled.

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